Johanne Renbeck


In the autumn, I borrowed a bear skull
and brought it into my studio.
I studied the bear skull.
The bear skull studied me.
I drew the bear skull and
painted the bear skull, and then
the dreams began.
In early November, hibernation time,
dreams filled the nights and followed me
into the day with bear like persistence.
Day after day,
I crafted the dreams into poems,
until I began to feel wired into something
beyond self, until I began to wonder if the
dreams were meant to be shared.

Bears and Dreams, a one hour performance of poems, some in the voice of bear, many in the voice of the dreamer, was born of this experience.

Before the performance, people wandered in the Landscapes of Dreams, an installation comprised of twenty two suspended luminaries. A window cut into each luminary offers a view of one of the settings to be encountered later during the performance.

Dream Cave
Poems from the Bears and Dreams performance and installation are coupled with pencil drawings.

Pigment inkjet prints on Geographics parchment with Astroparche cardstock cover and Chartham translucent vellum details.

8.5" x .8” closed

first edition of 8, second edition of 24

Hunter Seeker Bones Afloat
Poems from the bear’s prologue to Bears and Dreams are coupled with paintings.

Pigment inkjet prints on Astroparche cardstock

5.5" x 4.25”

first edition of 50

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