Johanne Renbeck

On Breezy Hill
On Breezy Hill was created for a show called Meeting Past at the Akin Library and Museums in Pawling NY.  Artists made work in response to artifacts in the Akin collection.

As a book artist focused on the natural world, I was particularly drawn to the books of pressed flowers displayed in the Akin Historical Society Museum:

         Wildflowers Found on Quaker Hill by Mrs. Albro Akin, circa 1850

          Flowers on or near Quaker Hill by Carrie Harris and Emma Reid Akin, 1895

 In response, I began collecting wild flowers on or near Breezy Hill where I like to walk.  In doing so I enjoyed a feeling of companionship with these women from the past. Like them, I pressed the flowers.   The flowers and by extension these women who obviously delighted in their hillside became part of works for this exhibit.

pressed flowers, Chartham vellum, Mexican bark paper, linen thread
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